How do I use my admin panel?

Comtec do not just hand over a website and move on to the next. Although well thought out platforms like Joomla, Magento and WordPress are designed to be user friendly, anything new is still foreign to a user. Comtec provide basic training and guidance as part of all development and also offer additional training options.

We deliver each of our digital projects with a bespoke suite of documentation and training which means our clients are in a position to work with their website. Technology is our domain, we're committed to making it work for you.

Comtec Media endeavour to offer practical tranining solutions to cover the most common features of the sites we deliver, empowering our clients to grow their sites as their business grows

» On Site, Group Training Sessions
» Face to Face
» Telephone Training
» Support and Helpline

There is also documentation to assist on how to use admin software. Comtec can provide tailored documentation and the web is also boasts unending amount of information. This is why Comtec Media use the more established platforms. They may take longer to develop, but they provide more function and more help.

Some useful links below will not only help you find information but also provide demos of major platforms used for website build.




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