Social Media

Social Media

Fusing technology with human insights

Social media encompasses a huge number of options and audiences. There's so much more than getting Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers, social media is about bringing your customers closer, inviting them to tell you more about what they like about your service, assisting them when they have problems, and evolving your brand to fit the needs of your clients.

The team have have built up extensive experience in the social media environment, working with partners including including Sky Movies, The Guardian, The Independent and Daily Mail. We're keen to assist you to get the most out of social media.

We're not looking to blind you with buzz words, or promises of viral success if it were that simple everyone would have a viral success on their books. We work with concretes, building goals, creating campaigns and ultimately helping you engage with your audience.

If you have a social media project that needs a clever, budget conscious solution email us, or call the team we’d be happy to talk it through