Multi Lingual

Multi Lingual

Why a multilingual website? Who needs one?

Having a global channel literally at your fingertips does not mean that your message is being understood globally. Whilst some large multinationals have made much progress in resolving the issues of acting globally online, for smaller companies it remains a problem.

Luckily content managed solutions (CMS) make this problem alot easier to tackle. Comtec Medias team of CMS developers have extensive experience of designing, building and delivering campaigns across diverse geographical markets for a spectrum of SME, Nationals and Multinationals.

What should a company be thinking about when considering the globalisation of its website?

Website globalisation encompasses many challenges, from how to integrate it into your operations from a content generation and management perspective, currency, taxation and fulfilment if you want to deliver an ecommerce platform within your website.

Some Points to think about

Online marketing: A multilingual website needs to be supported by equivalent online marketing campaign. It seems like an obvious point, but definitely worth considering.

Culture: Website translation should include the visual aspects of communication. The online experience should be culturally relevant to your audience. Main considerations are the selection of imagery, colour palettes, and how different audiences scan a page (left to right) or vice versa.

Rich Media (Flash, Video): Any elements on your site encoded in flash, video will need to be presented in the viewers language too.

Maintenance: Whilst a plan of action for ongoing maintence is of importance in any website project, more time is required to ensure that content is updated across each countries website.

URL Planning: Where multilingual targeting is being deployed each variant of your website can reside on a single domain ( or can be deployed across

Providing a true multilingual user experience adds cost and requires extra planning, but with the teams support you are in safe hands. For any organisation that works in a pan-European scale, its essential it is essential to make an investment to ensure your company remains on pace with your competitors.