Excellence starts with ideas

Comtec Media look to offer long term strategies and support to move your business forward, paired with
a wide portfolio of additional services. In such an important but complex industry, Comtec Media provide
the guidance and safety net required, along with a realistic cost to supply
an unrivalled product and service to your business.

With over a decade of experience, the team at Comtec Media believe the only way to create a truly
integrated digital marketing campaign is through a total team effort.

We have the knowledge and experience of running our own online retail businesses, resulting in us
having first-hand experience of the problems online retailers face; and more importantly, what solutions
are required to sustain the growth of a retail website.

» Promoting your website around the internet
» Analyse the best keywords to match your target audience and payment plan
» Set up the keywords, budget, bidding and analytics for the chosen search engine
» Selecting the landing pages with relevance to the search providing the user direct route
» Monitor the analytics and results, breaking them down and providing feedback
» Assigned account manager for fast response and improved communication


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